Year of the Yin Water 癸 Rabbit 卯 2023

Author Samuel Dudgeon
The Lunar new year of the Yin Water 癸 Rabbit 卯 begins early this year on the 22.1.2023.  The Rabbit is considered gregarious , but aloof. Avoids confrontation, benevolent, inclined to gossip and artistic. The energetic theme for the year is moving from Yang Water Tiger  to the Yin Water Rabbit. The Rabbit is considered one of the four peaks in Chinese astrology. The four peaks represent the four peaks of the four seasons. The Rabbit branch is the peak of spring. The Rabbit is Wood element and all the elements at the four peaks contain within them the same element. This means the Rabbit contains within itself Wood element hidden within the branch. In Chinese astrology the Rabbit along side the Dragon and the Tiger is part of a Seasonal Wood combination. The Rabbit along side the Pig and the Goat will be a three harmony combination producing the Wood element. So if any of these branches are in your chart they will combine with your chart producing Wood element being either favourable or unfavourable for you. 

The Rabbit is also a peach blossom star. Peach blossom stars indicate a life full of romance wanted or unwanted. Peach blossom stars can also be a symbol of longevity. When we look at romantic connection in a four pillars chart. We look to the position of the house of the spouse. If there is a Pig, Goat, Rabbit or Dog in the house of the spouse then you are likely to attract a partner for the year if you are single. If you are currently in a relationship it can deeper your connection with your current partner for the year. If there is a Rooster in your chart in the house of the spouse then the Rabbit will clash and there will be potential for conflict or a potential move aspect. Clash periods in a nutshell represent psychological growth and a opportunity for change. When these two elements clash we can feel unstable particularly if we have a Rooters in the day and month pillars in our chart.  From a five element perspective the Rabbit and the Rooster is a Metal and Wood clash.
Yin Water represents still water like a pond, dew and light rain. Their personality is gentle, soft and humble. They are often highly intelligent but never really show what they know on the outside. They are deeply internal reflective thinkers and tend to keep their wisdom to themselves. They have a tendency to be secretive not because they are trying to hide something from someone, but because  they can be shy in revealing themselves and what they know. Water element in Chinese astrology is ruled by the planet Mercury. Water element in Chinese astrology is different to planetary astrology. In planetary astrology Water element represents feeling and intuitive nature, where as in Chinese astrology it has a more Mercurial nature in connection with the intellect. Therefore  Water element can rule movement, transport, writing, networking and teaching ability.  
Hermes is the trickster God. He is connected to the planet Mercury. Hermes is a psychopomp a term used for one who guides souls to assist them to their passage to the after world. The Yin Water  癸 character is named Gui which translates to ghost. It has a shamanistic quality to it. The Yin Water Stem  癸 is the last stem in the sequence of ten heavenly stems. In ancient China there were ten days of the week. The day of the Yin Water Stem  癸 was the day of divination and speaking to the ancestors and souls who have passed into the afterlife. Therefore being the 10th heavenly stem there is a connection between death and rebirth.

This year will be full of events politically. When we look at the sexagenary cycle that being the last Yin Water Rabbit Year 60 years ago. One thing that stands out for me is political assassination. One was the the South Vietnam president Ngo Dinh Diem and the other world famous one was John F Kennedy. World event cycles in Chinese astrology have a cycle  sixty year cycle. I will talk more about this in my Year of the Rabbit youtube podcast.  

How The Yin Water Rabbit will play out for the year will depend on your personal astrology chart. The saying “ be like water” by Bruce Lee comes to mind for this year. Water has the ability to work its way around obstacles with deceptive humility. Adapt and go with the flow. The energies of the year will soften compared to the year of the Yang Water Tiger but there will be no shortage of water coming down on the planet.
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