About us

Company History
Established in 1985, Acuneeds Australia pioneered supply of acupuncture needles to Australian practitioners. From outset, partnered with world renowned manufacturers of medical products, gained a reputation for identifying and supplying premium acupuncture needles. Following an ownership change in 2005, Acuneeds has established itself as market leader and has expanded into herbal medicines continuing a tradition of supplying highest quality products with exceptionally dependable service.

Guiding Purpose
Service and support practitioners of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. We have sincere regard for our place, and the place of our products, in the provision of care for patients to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

  • Act to maximise health outcomes for the greatest number of people
  • Act according to a well informed conscience
Beliefs, Standards, Values
  • Understand and satisfy practitioners’ needs, practice empathy, deliver product and business advice
  • Provide efficient, professional service and have genuine care for practitioners and their patient’s outcomes
  • Partner with reputable manufacturers to supply products of a high quality and safety standard, that conform with practitioner’s expectations and Australian regulation
  • Collaborate with manufacturers to design new products and develop existing ones, leveraging advances in technology to meet changing practitioner needs
  • Support colleges and universities training new practitioners and providers of quality CPD education
  • Support and promote initiatives to lobby on behalf of the industry upholding the long history, philosophies and popularity of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Regard our employees as professionals, prioritize their safety and require they are treated with respect

Our Customers
Acuneeds service the practitioners of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Australia and New Zealand. Exclusive Australian and New Zealand representatives of highly regarded international brands of medical products, Acuneeds also partners with respected medical-wholesale businesses outside Traditional Chinese Medicine with the objective of ensuring all health practitioners have access to the highest quality products with which to treat their patients.