TDP Lamp Big Head CQ-29

TDP Lamp Big Head CQ-29

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Model CQ-29 Special Electro Magnetic Therapeutic Apparatus (Floor Type) Large Head Lamp.

Same as CQ-27, but the head lamp is with larger diameter 16.50 cm, which offers more powerful output and better therapeutic effect. 

This well-constructed, easy-to-use lamp is an award winning design developed and manufactured in China. It alleviates aches and pains as well as other symptoms in a wide range of ailments by assisting the body’s natural healing process.

The lamp projects a narrow band of infrared rays that are specifically suited to subsurface heating of the human body. This type of heat increases blood circulation to injured areas, promoting tissue repair. 

Using the lamp helps heal soft tissue damage, strains, sports injuries and wound infections where localised warmth provides comfort and promotes the healing process. The lamp has also been used successfully to reduce the unsightly effects of acne, neuro-dermatitis and eczema. Burns, and bedsores also respond well to infrared heat therapy. Suitable for use in clinic or at home.

One year warrantly on all parts.

Product No : TDLA0001

Price: $381.82 Ex-GST

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