Pointer Pal

Pointer Pal

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The Pointer Pal is an accurate and easy to operate hand held acupuncture or trigger point locator. Size only 170 x 33 x 23mm, with a dial to adjust sensitivity. When an active point is located, a buzzing sound is produced and the pilot light on top of the unit blinks continuously. Very good device for beginners and acupuncturists to locate the exact acupuncture point before inserting needle. Operated by 9V dry battery. 



: 170 x 33 x 23mm


: 126 x 103 x 18mm


: 60gm (unit only), 230gm (complete set)


: 9V battery


: 2 - detection probes, 1 - spare grounding pole, 1 - hard carrying case, 1 - instruction manual

Product No : STHA0007

Price: $69.00 Ex-GST

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