ES 160 Stimulator

ES 160 Stimulator

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The Ultimate Electroacupuncture Unit

For Ryodoraku treatment, Electroacupuncture, and Acupuncture point search / stimulation. This is an ideal model, designed to respond to the needs of practitioners in the field, including such features as Ryodoraku measurements, preset programs, and free programmable memories, to name but a few.

• Allows measurement of Ryodo Points and storage of the measurement data.

• Allows simultaneous stimulation with twelve (12) acupuncture needles (6 channels).

• Provides eight (8) different stimulation modes, including three (3) preset program modes.

• Saves parameters of the previous treatment and incorporates sixteen (16) free programmable memory settings.

• Enables user to find and stimulate acupuncture points.


Power source: Four(4) alkaline LR14 battery

Ryodoraku measurement range: 0-200

Voltage setting: 6,12 or 21 volt

Number of channels: 6, independently controllable

Pulse shape: Symmetric, bi-phasic square pulse

Frequency: 0.3-500Hz

Phase duration: 50-400µs, adjustable


• Stimulation by 'search and stimulate' probe: 0-48mA(peak)

• Electro-acupuncture:

High: 0-32mA± 25%, Low: 0-16mA± 25%(peak)

Times: 0-60minutes

Output modes:

(1) Constant (2) Burst (3) Surge (4) Fast + Slow

(5) Sweep (6) Random prog.1 (7) Random prog.2

(8) Random prog.3

Number of memory setting:

• Memory for Ryodoraku measurement: 24

• Memory settings for previous treatment parameters: 5, one for each mode(random modes excluded)

• Free programmable memory settings: 5

Dimensions: 239(W) x 174(L) x 41(H) mm

Weight: Approx. 600g(without batteries)

Made in Japan.

Suitable for use with
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