Gold Mountain Ibuki Moxa 10g

Gold Mountain Ibuki Moxa 10g

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Gold Mountain Ibuki Moxa is a very pure white yellow grade with extra fine texture, is easy to roll, and makes a fine thread, sesame, or rice size moxa. This is the first and finest choice for direct contact Japanese style moxibustion therapy. 

Less moxa smoke or odour is produced by this cleaner grade moxa. Gold Mountain Ibuki moxa comes primarily from the under leaf fur of the mugwort plant and contains only a very small percentage of leaf (perhaps 3-6%), whereas other moxa may have as much as 40-50% leaf. Thus pure moxa is less likely to burn or scar the skin as compared to lower grades of moxa, which contain impurities. 

This moxa is made from carefully selected superior quality mugwort from Ibuki Mountain. It is gathered only during midwinter when it is at its peak quality. Gold Mountain has a restricted availability due to the limited gathering and production period. There is no finer choice in moxa. 

10 gram bag.

Made in Japan.

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