Sensei Acupuncture Needles - with Guide Tube

Sensei Acupuncture Needles - with Guide Tube

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Sensei - The Master Needle

Sensei are as sharp and smooth as current technology allows. The steel used is strong and flexible, not soft as in many other acupuncture needles.The rigid metal handle is ideal for moxibustion and electro-acupuncture. The textured finish on the handle enables sure and sensitive manipulation.

The Japanese Master Needle...
The metal handle passes perfectly through a traditional Japanese metal guide tube, and this feature, along with those described above, make Sensei an ideal needle for Japanese style acupuncture.

Box of 100 sterile, disposable needles.

Please note - Discounts apply to the same size/gauge only.

Sensei 15mm needles do not come with Guide Tubes.


Product No : EN1230

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at least 1 piece(s) $12.45 each

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Product no. Gauge (mm) Length (mm) Price
EN1230 0.12mm 30mm $14.55
EN1240 0.12mm 40mm $14.55
EN1430 0.14mm 30mm $14.55
EN1440 0.14mm 40mm $14.55
EN1630 0.16mm 30mm $14.55
EN1640 0.16mm 40mm $14.55
EN1830 0.18mm 30mm $14.55
EN1840 0.18mm 40mm $14.55
EN1850 0.18mm 50mm $14.55
EN2030 0.20mm 30mm $14.55
EN2040 0.20mm 40mm $14.55
EN2050 0.20mm 50mm $14.55
EN2230 0.22mm 30mm $14.55
EN2240 0.22mm 40mm $14.55
EN2250 0.22mm 50mm $14.55
EN2530 0.25mm 30mm $14.55
EN2540 0.25mm 40mm $14.55
EN2550 0.25mm 50mm $14.55
EN2575 0.25mm 75mm $14.55
EN3030 0.30mm 30mm $14.55
EN3040 0.30mm 40mm $14.55
EN3050 0.30mm 50mm $14.55
EN3075 0.30mm 75mm $14.55
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