Biosun Original Hopi EarCandle

Biosun Original Hopi EarCandle

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Traditional Hopi Indian remedy, precision made from quality materials. There is no risk of wax running into the ear. Manufactured in Germany by BioSun.

Carefully crafted in Germany from a traditional Hopi Indian recipe. The pure linen roll is impregnated with 100% beeswax and powdered medicinal herbs including sage, St. John's wort and chamomile. Easy-to-use, gentle and relaxing.

The linen, beeswax and herbs are sourced from certified organic producers and are tested as free from all environmental toxins. 

Biosun Earcandles are a wise choice as they contain an exclusive cross-shaped barrier. This helps prevent liquid wax or excess condensate from entering the ear. This barrier is eco-friendly, being made from environmentally compatible PE. 

Biosun Earcandles have obtained the prestigious CE mark (93/42-EEC) for medical devices in Europe. Few other ear candles in the world have this extraordinary level of certification. Biosun Hopi Earcandles are crafted in Germany from the highest quality ingredients and are regularly tested at an independent laboratory in Germany. They have been shown to be free of all chemical pesticide and fungicide residues. 

Note: You will need 2 ear candles for a treatment. Price shown is per single ear candle, not a pair.

Product No : EACA0001

Price: $5.50 Ex-GST

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