Plastic Cupping Suction Set- USA

Plastic Cupping Suction Set- USA

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The set includes hand pump, sturdy vinyl carry case and 17 cups: 13 at 45mm, and one each of 40mm, 35mm, 30mm and 25mm. 

The plastic cups are thick walled, crystal clear and will not crack or chip. Their valve mechanism is simple and reliable. The ergonomic hand pump is powerful and functions smoothly. 

Each of the larger cups incorporates a removable spring-loaded magnetic probe to enhance local circulation and provide an acupressure effect. 

This set is vastly superior to the low quality, unreliable sets from Taiwan or China. Professional quality and function. Additional hand-pumps, cups and valves are available.

Manufactured in Korea & assembled in the USA.

Product No : CUPP0020

Price: $153.64 Ex-GST

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