Carbo Acupuncture Needles - with Guide tube

Carbo Acupuncture Needles - with Guide tube

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Chinese Style Acupuncture Needles At Budget Prices

The traditional filiform wound copper handle with end ring, and the sharp high quality stainless steel needle provide for comfortable treatment including electroacupuncture and moxibustion. Available in a wide range of sizes and gauges, with and without guide tube. Carbo Ultracleanneedles are single use disposable needles sterilized with ethylene oxide gas.

Stainless steel needle shaft with a copper coloured wire wrapped handle. Individually wrapped in blister packs, five needles per sheet (perforated for easy detachment), 100 needles per box. Light blue stay piece.

Made in China

Please note - Discounts apply to the same size/gauge only.


Price: $7.88 Ex-GST

Price reductions

Bulk discount

Quantity Bulk price Discount
at least 1 piece(s) $7.88 each
at least 5 piece(s) 8.39 %
at least 10 piece(s) 16.78 %
at least 30 piece(s) 22.38 %

Note: For amounts for which bulk prices and percentage discounts are given, the respective bulk price will be used as the base price for computing percentage discounts.

Selection: Carbo Acupuncture Needles - with Guide tube

Product no. Gauge (mm) Length (mm) Price
CT1813 0.18mm 13mm $7.88
CT1830 0.18mm 30mm $7.88
CT2013 0.20mm 13mm $7.88
CT2030 0.20mm 30mm $7.88
CT2040 0.20mm 40mm $7.88
CT2050 0.20mm 50mm $7.88
CT2213 0.22mm 13mm $7.88
CT2240 0.22mm 40mm $7.88
CT2250 0.22mm 50mm $7.88
CT2530 0.25mm 30mm $7.88
CT2540 0.25mm 40mm $7.88
CT2550 0.25mm 50mm $7.88
CT2560 0.25mm 60mm $7.88
CT2575 0.25mm 75mm $7.88
CT3030 0.30mm 30mm $7.88
CT3040 0.30mm 40mm $7.88
CT3050 0.30mm 50mm $7.88
CT3060 0.30mm 60mm $7.88
CT3075 0.30mm 75mm $7.88
CT3530 0.35mm 30mm $7.88
CT3540 0.35mm 40mm $7.88
CT3550 0.35mm 50mm $7.88
CT3575 0.35mm 75mm $7.88
CT2230 0.22mm 30mm $7.88
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