Rheumatology in Chinese Medicine

Rheumatology in Chinese Medicine

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"While rheumatological conditions such as joint and other musculoskeletal pain arecommonly seen problems in clinics of Chinese medicine, until now there have beenno comprehensive studies of this subject. Dr. Guillaume (a rheumatologist) and Dr.Chieu are both well-respected French acupuncturists and have written and compiledthe first such book in English. Part I lays the groundwork for the TCM approach torheumatology. Part II of the text is a translation of a Chinese work on bi and low backpain. Part III is a presentation of the authors’ own approach to the subject, utilizingmany aspects of current energetic French models, including barrier points and triggerpoints. Part IV is a selection of relevant portions from pre-modern texts, including theInner Classic. With additional material new to the English edition, this should proveclinically useful."

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Author "Guillaume, Gerard"
ISBN 0-939616-39-4
Pages 426
Release Date 1996

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