Eight Extraordinary Meridians

Eight Extraordinary Meridians

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"This book presents an examination of the eight extraordinary meridians from the texts ofthe Neijing, the Nanjing, and their commentaries. The first section provides an overview ofmeridians as revealing the basic interaction of yin and yang within the body, providing thefoundation for the movement of qi and the underlying framework for the main meridiansystem. In-depth descriptions of the du mai, ren mai, chong mai and dai mai builds up asimple structural picture of the body that is further elaborated in the presentations of theqiao and the ei mai. Each name is discussed, looking at the etymology and nuance ofmeaning. Classical descriptions of points and pathways are explored in depth."

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Author "Larre,Claude"
Author 2 "Rochat,Elisabeth"
ISBN 1-872468-13-6
Book Type Trade Paperback Book
Pages 256
Release Date 1997

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