Practice of Acupuncture

Practice of Acupuncture

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" This German author team presents a modular TCM educational approach synthesized from their extensive study, teaching, and practice. It provides a thorough model of systematic acupuncture (with references to TCM and practical guides), topography training following the head-to-toe pattern, and TCM training for practice-oriented learning. A substantive text, it covers the basics of locating, measuring, and identifying acupuncture points and channels; an overview of TCM syndromes; TCM identification of disharmony patterns; understanding and addressing conditions of the musculoskeletal system and internal diseases using the modular system; psychosomatic medicine; and cupping. Medical doctors and physicians are perhaps the most intentional audience for this work, as it presents a method of understanding acupuncture that is compatible and approachable for those with years of Western medical training and perception."

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Author "Hecker, Hans-Ulrich"
Book Type Trade Paperback Book
Pages 640
Release Date 2005

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