Essentials of Chinese Acupunct

Essentials of Chinese Acupunct

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"This work is edited by two highly respected Chinese professors and practitioners. They present many new ideas they hope will popularize acupuncture and stimulate academic development. The 69 articles each contain a brief introduction to the author, giving background and major achievements. There is an overview of the theory, technique, prescription, acumoxa treatment, and instruments applied. Additionally, there is a consideration of case records and an analysis of the clinical specialty.

A total of 293 widely varied cases are collected including: “penetrating’’ acupuncture with gold needles, suppurating moxibustion, treatment of scrofula, wind stroke and paraplegia, techniques of superficial insertion and frequent rotation, treatment of difficult diseases with the eight methods, point injection and ear acupuncture, bloodletting, and research on breast tumors."

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Author Foreign Language Press
ISBN 7-119-00240-6
Book Type Trade Paperback Book
Pages 639
Release Date 1989

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