OBay Herb Granules

OBay Herb Granules

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Obay Herbs are a great quality product at exceptionally low prices with vastly improved labelling, including clear Pinyin and English herb categorisation and product code for easy ordering.

Made by Sichuan New Green Pharmaceutical Technology Development Stock Co., Ltd, one of only six authorised companies in China authorised by the State Food and Drug Administration to manufacture granules. It is also the only company in China to own GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) certified farms, in conjunction with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) production standards to ensure the quality of granules, from cultivation right through to processing.

An excellent choice for those looking for excllent value for money and great quality.

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Product No : Medicine_Herb_Supplier
Code Pinyin Name English Name Price Quantity
GB013 Bai Zhi Chinese Angelica Root $7.50
GB015 Ba Ji Tian Medicinal Indian Mulberry Root $11.50
GB019 Ban Lan Gen Woad Root/ Isatis Root $5.80
GB023 Bo He Field Mint/ Mentha $6.90
GB025 Bu Gu Zhi Psoralea Fruit $6.80
GB028 Bai Jie Zi White Mustard Seed $7.00
GC001 Cang Er Zi Cocklebur Fruit/Xanthium $7.80
GC002 Cang Zhu Attractylodes (Black) Rhizome $8.50
GC005 Ce Bai Yie Leafy Twig of Arborvitae $10.50
GC006 Chen Pi Tangerine Peel/ Citrus $5.80
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