KPC Granulated Singles

KPC Granulated Singles

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Each Product Comes In 100g Bottle.



KPC Granules: The Next Step in TCM

Since the introduction of concentrated granule herbal extracts, KPC has been at the forefront of its development. Granules preserve the passed down traditional formulas and preparation methods with added improvements in consistency, efficacy and safety. The practice of TCM has progressed over thousands of years and KPC’s concentrated granules represent the next step in TCM evolution. In this industrialised world of complex global supply chains, both consumers and health agencies worry about the safety and consistency of plant-based products. Because herbal granule extracts pass stringent quality control systems and are made up into convenient delivery forms, they are surging in popularity in East Asian and worldwide TCM markets. KPC is proud to be a leader in granule development and the future of the TCM industry.

Leading Quality and Safety Standards

KPC’s quality assurance team sets industry-leading standards and commits to develop the best possible herbal extracts. Every step – from eliminating dangerous chemicals to perfecting our extraction process – is done to provide customers with the finest herbal solutions on the market. KPC takes such pride in its product that it promotes transparency by routinely receiving TCM practitioners, students and researchers to observe the manufacturing process and tour our quality assurance laboratories.

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Safflower offer a dispensary service using KPC Granulated Herbs.

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Product No : KPC_Granulated_Singles
Code Pinyin Name English Name Price Quantity
K5740 Bai Jie Zi Mustard Seed $13.20
K5720 Bai Lian Ampelopis $19.50
K5780 Bai Mao Gen Imperata $14.25
K5710 Bai Qian Cynanchum Stauntoni $23.70
K5680 Bai Shao Peony (White) $19.50
K5800 Bai Tou Weng Pulsatilla $13.20
K5730 Bai Wei Cynanchum Atratum $19.50
K5790 Bai Xian Pi Dictamnus $23.70
K5690 Bai Zhi Angelica $16.35
K5670 Bai Zhu Atractylodes (Alba) $27.90
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