Sereni Tea - 100 gms

Sereni Tea - 100 gms

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Sereni - tea is designed to assist in reducing the physiological effects mental and physical stress has on our health.

Unfortunately we all lead very busy lives and often don't recognize that we are stressed.

However, our body does and when it is stressed it starts to  release negative chemicals and free radicals that can effect the way our body works. 

Antioxidants are naturally occurring chemicals in foods that help to counter the detrimental effects of oxygen free radicals, which form during normal metabolism and through external factors such as stress, x-rays, ultra-violet radiation and pollution.

That is why anti-oxidants are essential in every person's diet as we are constantly generating free radicals in our body.

All teas have anti-oxidants however this tea contains herbs that will assist with the physiological changes our body undergoes when in a stressed state. 

Enjoy the tea as often as desired throughout the day to reduce the impact stress can have on your health.

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