TDP Heating Element - All Type

TDP Heating Element - All Type

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"This well constructed, easy-to-use lamp is an award winning designdeveloped and manufactured in China. It alleviates aches and pains aswell as other symptoms in a wide range of aliments by assisting thebody’s natural healing process.

The lamp projects a narrow band of infrared rays that are specificallysuited to subsurface heating of the human body. This type of heatincreases blood circulation to injured areas, promoting tissue repair.

Using the lamp helps heal soft tissue damage, strains, sports injuriesand wound infections where localised warmth provides comfort andpromotes the healing proces. The lamp has also been used successfully toreduce the unsightly effects of acne, neuro-dermatitis and eczema.

Available in two models: The floor model, with castors for easy movementis ideal for professional use. The desktop model is suitable for clinicor home.

Burns, and bedsores also respond well to infrared heat therapy.

The unit takes approximately 5 minutes to warm up and contains a builtin timer which can be programmed up to one hours operating time.

Flexible multi-positional arm.

Safety cage over plate for protection against heat and accidentaldamage.

Complies with all Australian electrical and therapy safetystandards.

Normal domestic three pin socket. 230 volts 50Hz consumption 250 watts.

Infra-red range 2-50 micrometres wave length.

Replaceable plate has an estimated life of 1000 hours.

12 month guarantee on parts and labour. NOTE: The heating element is not included in the guarantee, as it is a consumable item. It normally provides many hours of service, but cannot be replaced for free.

Operation:Expose the troubled part of the body or the relevant acupuncture pointdirectly toward lamp head at a distance of 20 to 30cm.Treatment time length: 30 to 60 minutes each time, 1 or 2 times a day; 7to 10 days is a typical course of treatment.

Made in China."

Product No : TDAC0002

Price: $31.82 Ex-GST

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