Acupuncture Quit smoking aid

Acupuncture Quit smoking aid

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AcuQuit acupuncture device is no-needle transcutaneous electronic stimulation of ear acupuncture points to aid quit smoking. These acupuncture products are for use on a self-treatment at home basis or by professionals. One disposable adhesive electrode to treat the lung point and a small ear clip to treat the Shenmen point are provided. Stimulation is supplied by a small adjustable intensity power pack. This acupuncture therapy product AcuQuit was developed by Medical Acupuncturist Dr Dean Richards to form part of his range of non-invasive acupuncture stimulators. AcuQuit is based on the following scientific principle. Nicotine, Drugs and Tranquilizers all produce endorphins in the body, the relaxing natural 'morphine-like' substances that produce a feeling of relaxation and well-being. When nicotine, drugs and tranquilizers are withdrawn, there is a sharp drop in body endorphins, which causes the withdrawal effects. The Acupuncture points Ear lung and Shenmen may produce natural endorphins, thus replacing those lost in withdrawal and allowing a smoother, symptom free, withdrawal.

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