ES 130 Stimulator

ES 130 Stimulator

Product Details

High Performance and Versatility
• Low/High intensity settings
• Frequency selector offers a complete frequency range (1–500Hz)
• Suitable for needles


Unique Wave Form
• Unique wave pulse minimizes excessive charge build up in the tissue and damaging the nerve
Safe, Reliable, and Easy to Use
• Each of the 3 channels are independently controlled
• Special dial controls allow easy use yet safe operation
• Built in battery life check with indicator light


Power supply: 1 × DC 9 V battery
Frequency: 1–500 Hz, variable
Maximum output voltage: 30 V ± 15% (at 500Ω load)
Current amplitude (max.): 14 mA ± 20% rms (at 500Ω load)
Phase duration: 100 µs
Number of channel: 3
Others: Battery checker Pulse rate indication
Classification: Internally powered equipment Type BF, Class Ⅱa / MDD
Dimensions: 63 (W) × 27 (D) × 96 (H) mm
Weight: 120 g (without a battery)


Suitable with:
STLE0006 - Clip leads for ES130
STLE0002- Japanese Clip Leads
STLE0005- Converter Jack for ES130

Product No : STAP0006

Price: $319.55 Ex-GST

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