AWQ-104E - Acupuncture Stimulator/Locator

AWQ-104E - Acupuncture Stimulator/Locator

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The forerunner of the AWQ104D model. Reliable, with many useful functions.

Features include: Four outlets, enabling up to 8 needles to be simultaneously stimulated. Acupuncture point locator. Frequency continuously variable from 1-1000 Hz, with dense-disperse or continuous settings. Also: Polarity reversal switch for each outlet, low battery indicator, TENS booster switch. Supplied complete with 4 clip leads, point locator, 9 volt battery, carry case and comprehensive handbook. One year warranty.                                                      

Suitable for use with
3.5 MM Pin Typelead - STLE0003
Alligator Clip Lead with 3.5 mm jack – STLE0001

Product No : STAP0001

Price: $285.95 Ex-GST

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