Seirin Acupuncture Needles - M-Type

Seirin Acupuncture Needles - M-Type

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Seirin M-Type – The Next Step

Seirin M-Type feature a metal handle and guide tube. These needles are synonymous with gentle, painless, and stress free acupuncture.

Since 1978 Seirin has been setting the world's standards for high quality, uniform, painless acupuncture needles.

Made from only the highest quality surgical stainless steel, the Seirin product range has everything you need.

There is no holding tab! – Seirin has ingeniously adapted the Click-Push System to these incredible metal handle needles. Seirin M Type needle has a plain metal handle (this is different to the L type that has a coiled metal handle) and is made entirely of stainless steel. The handle is 5mm longer than that of the L type for ease of needle manipulation. Guide tubes with a thinner internal diameter to reduce play between the handle and tube upon insertion - plus softer plastic guide tubes make it easier to insert needles at an angle. Perfectly suited to electro-acupuncture and moxibustion.

Box of 100 Needles.

Made in Japan.

Please note - Discounts apply to the same size/gauge only.

Price: $20.95 Ex-GST

Price reductions

Bulk discount

Quantity Bulk price Discount
at least 1 piece(s) $20.95 each
at least 5 piece(s) 2.15 %
at least 10 piece(s) 4.77 %
at least 30 piece(s) 9.55 %

Note: For amounts for which bulk prices and percentage discounts are given, the respective bulk price will be used as the base price for computing percentage discounts.

Selection: Seirin Acupuncture Needles - M-Type

Product no. Gauge (mm) Length (mm) Japanese Gauge Price
SM1430 0.14mm 30mm 01 $20.95
SM1630 0.16mm 30mm 1 $20.95
SM1850 0.18mm 50mm 2 $20.95
SM2050 0.20mm 50mm 3 $20.95
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