Seirin J-Propak

Seirin J-Propak

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Seirin ProPak - Environmentally Friendly With No Compromise On Quality!

The world’s finest quality acupuncture needle is now available in a user-friendly 10-pack. J-ProPak10 needles are made from the highest quality stainless steel and feature a lightweight, comfort grip, 2.0 x 20 mm plastic handle that is colour coded for easy gauge identification.

It continues the J-Type’s tradition of gentle, painless and stress-free acupuncture but also features an easy open multi-pack, that allows for easy access to 10 needles at a time. The ProPak 10 blister pack also converts into a functional dispenser that can rest on a treatment tray or other surface, keeping the needles sterile and easily accessible during treatment.

Each blister pack contains 10 plastic handle needles and one polypropylene guide tube. Box of 100

Made in Japan.

Price: $17.95 Ex-GST

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Quantity Bulk price Discount
at least 1 piece(s) $17.95 each
at least 5 piece(s) 5.57 %
at least 10 piece(s) 7.8 %
at least 30 piece(s) 13.37 %

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Product no. Gauge (mm) Length (mm) Japanese Gauge Price
SJP1630 0.16mm 30mm 1 $17.95
SJP2030 0.20mm 30mm 3 $17.95
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