Zen Spray - Zen Herbal Liniment

Zen Spray - Zen Herbal Liniment

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Made in Australia. 100ml bottle. Only pure ingredients.

The Herbal Ingredients and their Actions: PSEUDOGINSENG - COMMIPHORA - BOSWELLIA: These 3 herbs have a very long history as being the herbs of choice for the treatment of pain and traumatic injuries. They effectively relieve pain, reduce inflammation and increase blood circulation. SPATHOLOBUS: This herb relieves obstructions in joints. Very useful herb in arthritis. ANGELICA: Increases local blood circulation, nourishes the blood and relieves pain. DIPSACUS - DRYNARIA: These two herbs traditionally promote the repair of sinews, muscles and bones. They are very effective for lower back and ligament injuries. ARNICA: Most widely acclaimed herb in the western world for bruising, trauma and associated pain. MENTHA ARVENSIS / CAJPUT Pure essential oils. Arvenis (Japanese mint) is a powerful pain reliever. Cajuput warms and invigorates the local area.

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