Honest Herbal: New Edition

Honest Herbal: New Edition

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"This book consists of short narratives describing about 125 herbs,recounting for each a brief history of folkloric use, chemical constituents,proven correlations of popular applications with scientific data, and theauthors’ succinct opinion concerning its efficacy and the safety of its use.The emphasis and opinion seems to be on the cautionary side, and as theconclusions lack full substantiation in the accompanying text, readers arerequired to rely on the somewhat dubious impartiality of the authors, whoclearly fall within the camp of scientific pharmacognosy. One wishes thatmore information concerning the herbs could have been included, to givereaders a larger sense of the herb and less of the authors’ emphaticconclusions."

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Author Tyler, Varro
Author 2 Foster, Steven
ISBN 0-789-00705-3
Pages 441
Release Date 2000

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