Digestive Wellness 2nd Edition

Digestive Wellness 2nd Edition

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"This text provides a comprehensive analysis ofan array of digestive conditions and the herbal,nutritional, and self-care remedies which havebeen proven to cure or prevent their occurrencein organ systems including the esophagus,pancreas, gallbladder, colon, intestines, stomach, and mouth. It introducesthe negative effect of inefficient digestion on conditions such as migraineheadaches, psoriasis, fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome,schizophrenia, ADD, asthma, arthritis, autism, eczema, chronic fatiguesyndrome, and other conditions usually considered unaffected by nutritionand digestive health. It explains the important role of intestinal bacteria,dysbiosis (the imbalance of intestinal bacteria which may cause disease),and contemporary research methods in the field including parisitologytesting, intestinal permeability testing, the Heidelberg capsule test, functionalliver profile testing, the indications of lactose intolerance, hair analysis, EAVtesting, and pH testing. A large section of the text descibes hundreds ofsimple ways to detoxify and strengthen the digestive system. Lipskirecognizes the importance of a holistic approach to digestive wellness, andincludes information on emotional hardiness and stress management.Effectively incorporating scientific research and evidence with simple nutritionand lifestyle improvements, this is a valuable text for anyone interested inunderstanding the effects of nutrition and digestion on overall health. "

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Author "Lipski, Elizabeth"
ISBN 0-87983-984-8
Pages 416
Release Date 1996

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