Botanical Medicine: European Professional Perspective

Botanical Medicine: European Professional Perspective

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"Botanical medicine as it is currently practiced in Europe is a highly evolved, multi-paradigm modality that draws on the sophisticated perspectives of gemmotherapy, oligotherapy, aromatherapy, and phytotherapy and the concept of terrain to effect treatment and cure using essential oils and herbal preparations. Its foundations extend far beyond conventional reductionist empiricism to three whole-system models--the neuroendocrine, the five phase, and the diathetic model.

In composing this text, the authors have provided much information and a wealth of new perspectives gleaned from extensive clinical practice and from the Galenic literature and tradition. Designed to provide the herbal practitioner with information about botanical substances, how they are used in Western Europe today, and the tools necessary for developing clinical insights, the text presents the historical traditions leading up to modern European practice and the theoretical perspectives of these three whole-system models.

Over 300 plant substances are profiled according to five phase categories and listing for each the common name, Latin name, actions, constituents, botanical family, flavors, five-phase category, and principal indications according to terrain. Therapeutic guidelines, and clinical applications including symptom discrimination according to terrain, gemmotherapeutic, botanical, and diathetic prescriptions. are provided for an extensive selection of illnesses.

Richly and extensively presented, this text is certain to facilitate the clinical applications of whole-system models for herbal practitioners in the U.S.A., and will surely be helpful in the development of creative solutions to the ever-changing conditions of clinical practice.


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Author "Kenner, Dan & Requena, Yves"
ISBN 0-912111-48-8
Pages 412
Release Date 2000

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