Sexual Teachings of the Jade Dragon- Male Sexual Revitalization

Sexual Teachings of the Jade Dragon- Male Sexual Revitalization

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"Hsi Lai continues the work he began in The Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress by exploring more fully the male role in Taoist sexual transformation. As with those of the White Tigress, the techniques of the Jade Dragon are part of a disciplined sexual and spiritual practice. The goal for the Jade Dragon is health, longevity, and immortality through external and internal regimens for the enhancement and accumulation of the Three Treasures of Taoism--ching (sexual and physical energy), qi (breath and vital energy) and shen (spiritual and mental energy). The author presents the nine Jade Dragon exercises that strengthen erections, enlarge the penis, increase semen quantity and quality, prevent premature ejaculations, and enhance sexual energy. He also details herbal remedies for revitalization that address both physical and spiritual sexual components, as well as ancient Taoist breathing and meditative practices and sexual stimulation techniques that amplify sexual intensity in order to create the elixir of immortality. Concluding with the importance of the interactions between and interdependence of White Tigresses and Jade Dragons, Hsi Lai shows the reader how these ancient Taoist secrets can be incorporated into a contemporary lifestyle. "

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Author "Lai, Hsi"
ISBN 0-89281-963-4
Book Type DVD - 105 minutes
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