Nourishing Destiny: The Inner Tradition of Chinese Medicine

Nourishing Destiny: The Inner Tradition of Chinese Medicine

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"Nourishing Destiny is the first text to examine the spiritual and philosophicalfoundations of Chinese medicine as they pertain to the fulfillment of individualdestiny. This tradition is elaborated proceeding from a review of historic textsthrough the practical considerations of modern clinical practice. RecastingChinese physiology with the deepest meanings of terms such as jing, qi,shen, hun, po, and ling, the author defines an inner tradition of Chinesemedicine whose central focus is the evolution of spirit and consciousawareness. The etymology of Chinese characters is discussed throughoutthis beautifully illustrated text in a way that illuminates their deep meaningsthus providing a window for the student into the metapohorical language ofthe medicine. A Chinese and English glossary and index are also provided toaid students in their own research, along with an extensive bibiliography.Elaborate case studies illustrate the orientation of the book in order to enablestudents to grasp the application of the theory as it is applied by the authorin practice. Finally the appendix discusses the complementary natures ofChinese and Western medicine in a way that is illuminating for practitionersand patients alike."

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Author "Jarrett, Lonny"
ISBN 0-9669916-0-5
Book Type Hardcover Book
Pages 494
Release Date 1999

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