Soothing the Troubled Mind

Soothing the Troubled Mind

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"This book was originally intended for practitioners of TCM in mainland Chinaas an introduction to schizophrenia (from the Western perspective) and areview of the TCM treatments being used in treating not only schizophrenia,but all mental diseases. Its central focus is not on the utility of acupunctureand TCM in treating mental diseases, but on an examination of the best wayto apply the treatments. Besides giving a thorough review of historicaltreatments, it has a fascinating section on combining treatments; when anexpensive drug or a treatment with severe side effects can be used in afractional dosage and supplemented by acupuncture or other traditionalChinese treatments, the results are truly worthy of exploration.

Additionally, the text introduces the varieties of schizophrenia according tothe parameters of Western biomedical understanding. Since in Chinesetraditional medicine disorders of this type are considered to be the result ofinvasions of the six environmental excesses, attention is given to anexposition of these factors, as well as to two additional categories of cause""- damage from intemperance of the seven affects (joy"

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Author "Dey, Thomas"
ISBN 0 912111 60 7
Book Type Hardcover Book
Pages 168
Release Date 1999

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