Clinical Applications of Neuromuscular Techniques Volume 2. The Lower Body

Clinical Applications of Neuromuscular Techniques Volume 2. The Lower Body

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"This work is intended to meet the needs of soft tissue practitioners of all disciplines. It integrates European neuromuscular technique and U.S. neuromuscular therapy and in so doing provides a detailed and comprehensive decription of neuromsucular technique (NMT), the clinical approach to soft tissue pain and dysfunction.

The first ten chapters cover the scientific and academic background of NMT, it history, and its clinical principles, doing so in a fashion that weaves basic science material with clinically relevant insights, thereby augmenting the readibility of the text as a whole. There are an abundance of photographs, 2-color drawings, and diagrams that clarify the textual material.

The final four chapters of the book provide specific clinical applications of NMT, including muscle energy technique, postional release technique, myofascial release technique, hydrotherapy, acupressure, lymphatic drainage, mobilization, and stretching. These chapters also cover many disorders involving pain and dysfunction of the cervical spine, cranium, shoulder, arm, hand, and thorax, including assessment, evaluation, and treatment options that take consideration of multiple etiological factiors and integrative methodologies.

Volume 1 covers the upper body, and volume 2 covers the region from the waist down. "

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Author "Chaitow, Leon"
ISBN 0443 062 846
Book Type Paperback
Pages 598
Release Date 2000

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