Trauma- An Osteopathic Approach

Trauma- An Osteopathic Approach

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"This well-researched, richly illustrated book begins with an overview of the biomechanics oftrauma. The authors demonstrate how an osteopathic-based mechanical approach to trauma can be applied tothe entire body, with a special focus on the phenomenon of whiplash. From here they move on to a functional-anatomicalapproach, focusing on the skull and other aspects of the central nervoussystem, as well as the structures that surround and protect it. Finally, theyview trauma from the perspective of how it affects the different tissues andsystems of the body, including the osteoarticular, visceral, and vascularsystems, and the various sequelae that can occur."

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Author "Barral, Jean-Pierre & Croibier"
ISBN 0-939616-32-7
Book Type Trade Paperback Book
Pages 329
Release Date 2001

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