Lost Tai-Chi Classics From the Late Ching Dynasty

Lost Tai-Chi Classics From the Late Ching Dynasty

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"This book translates and analyzes four collections of recently released 19thcentury manuscripts on tai chi that represent a significant addition to theseminal literature. These newly available texts allow Wile to make a freshsurvey of longstanding issues: the origins of tai chi; the authorship of theclassics; the differences between Wu, Yang, and Li, and the roles of ChangSan-feng, Wang Tsung-yueh, Chiang Fa, and Chang Nai-chou. Thedevelopment of tai chi chuan in the 19th century is explored in the context ofChina’s cultural response to the challenge of the West and the role ofbody-centered arts in Asia in the midst of the ongoing search for nationalidentity. Wile has produced a scholarly and articulate tour de force thatrepresents an enormous contribution to our understanding and appreciation oftai chi chuan."

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Author "Wile, Douglas"
ISBN 0-7914-2654-8
Book Type Paperback
Pages 233
Release Date 1996

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