Dao of Tai-Chi Chuan: Way to Rejuvenation

Dao of Tai-Chi Chuan: Way to Rejuvenation

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"For students of tai chi who wish to expand their knowledge of the history andlegends of tai chi, become more familiar with the best-known styles -- Chen,Yang, Wu -- and explore the philosophy of tai chi this book is an excellentresource. It also includes considerable information on the breathingtechniques, postures, and methods of tai chi, including specific forms suchas chi kung, meditation, and silk cocoon chin, as well as translations andcommentaries from the Tai Chi Classics by Chang San-Feng, Wang TsungYueh, Wu Yu-Hsing, Li Yi-Hu, and Li I-Yu. The author correlates manyconcepts in tai chi with their roots in the I Ching, which makes for anintellectually rich presentation."

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Author "Jou, Tsung Hwa"
ISBN 0-8048-1357-4
Book Type Paperback
Pages 257
Release Date 1981

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