Differential Diagnosis for Primary Practice

Differential Diagnosis for Primary Practice

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"As Western and traditional medicines acknowledge their complementary roles in alleviating disease and ill health, the necessity to understand the differing paradigms becomes all the more pressing. This present text is designed to augment the knowledge base of students and healthcare providers, primarily those in the field of manual medicine, so that assessment and diagnosis of potentially critical health states can be determined quickly and logically according to the methods of biomedicine. Featuring a highly structured and consistent format for easy use, full contents lists with alphabetically arranged signs and symptoms, a detailed index, analytical flowcharts for each biomedically defined symptom condition, screening checklists relevant to medical referral need, and concise summaries of the major clinical findings, this should be an entirely useful text for professionals who need to communicate in the diagnostic language and protocols of biomedicine."

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Author "Jamison, Jennifer"
ISBN 0-443-06264-1
Book Type Trade Paperback Book
Pages 498
Release Date 2007

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