Medical Interview - Mastering Skills for Clinical Practice

Medical Interview - Mastering Skills for Clinical Practice

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"This book will help the student learn the art of medical interviewing. The authors dedicate chapters to the art and science of successful cliical interviewing; conveying respect, genuineness, and empathy; determining the chief complaint; discovering other active problems and past medical history; developing the patient profile; transition to the physical examination; and completing the clnical narrative. As well, there are sections on pediatric, adolescent, and geriatric interviewing; cultural sensitive interviewing; telling bad news; malpractice; and educating the patient. There are extensive guidelines, clinical keys, and examples of real clinicianpatient dialogues (both successful and otherwise). This is a valuable book for students of alternative medicine who need to establish a knowledge base of clinical practice skills in mainstream biomedicine."

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Author "Coulehan, John/Block, M"
Book Type Trade Paperback Book
Pages 304
Release Date 1997

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