Clinical Electrotherapy - Your Guide to Optimal Treatment

Clinical Electrotherapy - Your Guide to Optimal Treatment

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"The main author Jan Bjordal is a specialist in rehabilitation (orthopaedics and rheumatology) and Master of Health Services from University of Bergen, Norway. Bjordal has innovated the evaluation of laser therapy by applying more precise control of parameters such as dosage and treatment technique. The recent analysis of the scientific background of laser therapy for tendinopathies led to the approval of laser therapy for physiotherapeutic treatment in Norway. The most recent literature evaluation published by the Bjordal group was commented thus:

… our second article on electrophysical agents issue represents perhaps one of the most significant reviews that we have published to
date. This paper is from Jan Bjordal and colleagues from the University of Bergen in Norway, whose previous contributions to Physical Therapy Reviews over the last several years have become widely cited
Prof. G. David Baxter, Physical Therapy Reviews, 2001; 6, 83

In this new book Bjordal has evaluated the literature and clinic of four physiotherapeutic techniques: electrical currents, ultrasound, laser therapy and electromagnetic therapy. The author has collected scientific evidence from about 150 controlled laboratory trials and more than 300 randomised controlled clinical trials of electrotherapy. This book is a concise and easy-to-read account of these four electrotherapeutic modalities and is a valuable addition to the library of anybody involved in any of these therapies."

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Author "Bjordal, Jan M"
ISBN 82 7634 320 1
Book Type Trade Paperback Book
Pages 128
Release Date 2001

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