Clinical Handbook of Internal Medicine - Volume 1

Clinical Handbook of Internal Medicine - Volume 1

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"This is the first volume of a 2-volume TCM clinical formulary. It covers lung, kidney, liver and heart patterns. When the second volume is available it will cover spleen, channel, qi, blood and fluid disorders. Within each organ pattern section pathologies are organized by established TCM patterns within biomedical categories. Historically established patterns from the Shang Han Lun and Wen Bing are included in the lung section. These sections are supplemented by appendices listing original unmodified formulas, processing methods, delivery methods, contraindications for pregnancy, incompatible and antagonistic combinations, toxic substances, and medicinals derived from endangered species and animals. The 40-page index lists biomedical diseases and symptoms. TCM patterns are listed by the same biomedical categories by which the book is organized. Formulas and medicinals are listed in both Pinyin and English with the main reference noted in bold.

This work is arranged to provide easy access to the clinical information needed to treat a patient. The format, typography and page layout are designed for quick reference. The book is compact and easy to carry considering its scope and size. Each of the patterns is detailed as to pathophysiology, clinical features (symptoms, pulse and tongue), treatment principle, prescription, modifications, patent medicines, applicable acupuncture points and clinical notes. The nomenclature for both the prescription and its modifications includes Pinyin, Latin and Chinese, with dose in grams. Where applicable there variations and additional prescriptions are referenced. This is a highly inclusive, very compact book that will stand up to practical use.


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Author "Maclean, Will & Lyttleton,Jane"
ISBN 1-875-76093-8
Book Type Trade Paperback Book
Pages 967
Release Date 1998

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