Clinical Guide to Chinese Herbs & Formulae

Clinical Guide to Chinese Herbs & Formulae

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"Two professors from Nanjing CTCM compiled this text specifically forclassroom-oriented study. The first section compares the actions andindications of substances in 11 categories such as exterior-releasing herbsor tonics, much like an applied materia medica. Distinctions are offeredbased on principles that can be applied in the development or modification offormulas. The second section deals with combinations of common Chineseherbs. There are ten sections based on treatment principles. In the thirdsection medicinal substances are grouped according to the zang fu<\i>. Foreach organ the actions and characteristics of commonly used substancesfrom the Chinese materia medica are supplemented by a discussion of thedistinction between herbs or the interaction of those herbs in combination. Inthe next section, thirteen categories of formulas are discussed. In each theguiding principles of prescription are outlined then detailed as instructions forformula development. This is followed by reminders of the most critical pointof the prescription and a comparison of the various commonly used formulas.The final section outlines the treatment of common diseases, theirdifferentiation as syndromes and the herbal medicine applied. Each diseasedescription, (some listed by biomedical nomenclature, others by Chinesedescription), includes the most telling clinical manifestations, a treatmentprinciple, and a recommended formula including the dose of each herb. Thetext includes case histories, a Pinyin-Latin and Latin-Pinyin cross-referenceto the herbs, and an English-Pinyin and Pinyin-English formulacross-reference."

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Author "Chen, Songyu"
ISBN 0-443-04680-8
Book Type Trade Paperback Book
Pages 294
Release Date 1996

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