Complete Book of Chinese Health and Healing

Complete Book of Chinese Health and Healing

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"Reid covers a vast amount of information in a comfortable and approachable style. He highlights the theoretical foundations of Taoist thought through a description of the one source (Tao), the two poles (yin and yang), the three powers (heaven, earth, and man), the four foundations (blood, energy, nourishment, and resistance), the five energies (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water), the six evils (wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness, and fire), the seven emotions (anger, joy, grief, fear, fright, exhaustion, and worry), and the eight indicators (yin and yang, internal and external, cold and hot, empty and full). Further topics include how to nurture and guard your essence, how to understand human and artificial energy, how to control your energy with qi gong, the advantages of meditation, and an extensive discussion of how to achieve health and longevity following the Tao. A final section reviews tonic herbs and formulas, therapeutic food recipes, and popular Chinese herbal remedies. Sasang Medicine is a therapeutic approach devised by Jae Ma Lee, a Korean doctor who was impelled by his poor health condition to study treatment methods from the medical classics to find his own cure. In formulating Sasang Medicine Dr. Lee drew upon his studies of Mencius, as well as Taoist and neo- Confucian ideals, to determine a philosophy of self-cultivation and service to others that would lead to higher states of consciousness and a deep understanding of one's own constitutution and the constitution of others. His system identifies 4 fundamental poles -- taiyin, shaoyang, shaoyin, and taiyang -- which may be used to determine constitution and subsequently identify illness predispositions, as well as optimal foods, exercises, meditation, and qigong practices for maintaining health and wellbeing. This book contains charts and questionnaires for determining individual constitutional types, constitutionally based recommendations for teas, foods, and exercises, and other guidelines that will prove useful for readers who seek a compass"

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Author "Reid, Daniel"
Book Type Hardcover Book
Pages 484
Release Date 1995

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