Take Five the Five Elements Guide to Health & Harmony

Take Five the Five Elements Guide to Health & Harmony

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"Written by an internationally recognized instructor of zen shiatsu, this text has been expressly developed to provide information that a student would need to understand and appreciate the five-phase model of diagnostic patterning that is a part of the tradition of East Asian medicine. It introduces the complex interactions of yin and yang and the five phases and describes how they are mirrored in seasonal cycles, moods, smells, foods, colors, and body organs and anatomy, doing so in a highly readable and inviting manner. Spiked with case studies, eye-catching diagrams, fun cartoons, and colorful photos, it offers a fresh, visual entry to understanding and using five elements in all aspects of daily life."

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Author "Ferguson, Pamela"
ISBN 0-7171-2870-9
Book Type Trade Paperback Book
Pages 192
Release Date 2000

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