Spirit of Change

Spirit of Change

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"‘The I-Ching, or Book of Changes, is a spiritual map that offers guidance for those seeking the meaning of living truthfully and in accordance with natural law. The secrets contained in this remarkable work facilitate the recovery of one’s relationship to living harmoniously and adaptively in the world.’The Spirit of Change: I-Ching Secrets for the 21st Century demystifies the spiritual lessons of the sages contained within the I-Ching as no other book has done before.In this three-part practical resource tool, Geoff Wilson unravels the I-Ching secrets for living a more creative, productive, balanced and harmonious life.Part one covers the evolution of oriental spiritual practice and explores what it means to embody the characteristics of true yin and yang (the female and male principles).Part two discusses the 64 hexagrams of the I-Ching and offers solutions in keeping with the problems modern people face.Part three explores factors responsible for shaping personal destiny and assists the reader to identify harmful habituated patterns of behaviour. At a time of constant upheaval and rapid change; when increasing numbers of people are struggling to find more balance and contentment in their lives; The Spirit of Change: I-Ching Secrets for the 21st Century serves as a poignant and pivotal guide. If you are a student or practitioner of a form of alternative medicine, or just ready to embrace a new outlook on life, The Spirit of Change: I-Ching Secrets for the 21st Century is for you."

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Author "Wilson, Geoffrey D"
ISBN 0-9752357 1 0
Book Type Trade Paperback Book
Pages 396
Release Date 2004

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