Healing Ear Intermediate Auricular Therapy

Healing Ear Intermediate Auricular Therapy

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"This is a straight-up manual for auricularelectrotherapy. It synthesizes information froman array of resources including the methods ofNogier, Voll, homeopathic drainage, and Chinese auricular therapy. Itdescribes topography, examination and inspection, pain motion testing,alarm points, treatment protocols and procedures, point locating, causalchaining procedure, and phase-concept of disease. There are chart visualsand descriptives of indications and herz stimulation levels for approximately40 protocols, from lung-associated protocols, foci points, toxic conditions,and structural points to pain control, balance disturbances, CNS complaints,and allergies. This workbook will be a valuable source of useful information forthose who want to access auricular electrotherapy for their clinic repertoire."

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Author "Dennis, Greenlee"
ISBN 1-887400-09-5
Book Type Trade Paperback Book
Pages 107
Release Date 1997

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