Principles of Ear Acupuncture

Principles of Ear Acupuncture

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"This book introduces readers in a very graphicway to the anatomy and morphology of the ear,the points and their localizations, and thespecific indications for treatment procedure. Compiled by a respectedGerman clinician and practitioner, and drawing from the traditions of Nogieras well as Chinese methodology, the approach taken emphasizes clearconstellations of points, transmitting the knowledge of points and theresulting safety of applications. The contents begin with a brief history anddiscussion of scientific findings, laterality, and nomenclature. The anatomy ofthe outer ear is described, followed by a systematic localization of auricularpoints, and special points and treatment areas. Practice tutorials -- onpreliminary instruction, basic tools and procedures, methods of stimulation,practial approaches, and established indications -- encourage readers tosuccessively familiarize themselves with the subject matter. Special topicsinclude ear acupuncture in obstetrics and the use of laser in ear acupuncture.There is a quick reference section with examples of therapy includingasthma, migrain, vertigo, and nicotine addition, and handy indices that listpoints and zones numerically as well as alphabetically. There are copiousduotone illustrations that are carefully and clearly labelled, and anaccompanying CD-ROM. "

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Author "Rubach, Axel"
ISBN 3-13-125251-0
Book Type Trade Paperback Book
Pages 270
Release Date 1995

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