Recipes for Self-Healing

Recipes for Self-Healing

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"More than a recipe book, this is an instructive, innovative, and invitingmanual that helps the reader recognize that nourishment is something morethan the food we eat. It is what satisfies the hunger we have to transform ourbasic relationship to food into a practice of spiritual wisdom and balance. It iswhat allows us to use the tools of food and nutrition for self-healing andself-transformation. Leggett guides the reader in unlocking a toolbox--theconstructs and patterns of Chinese medicine--to decipher and apply theprinciples of food energetics to a Western cuisine. His prose connects withthe reader in many ways. It offers thoughtful prespectives on nourishment,the sources of nourishment, an understanding of the makeup of a humanbeing, and an explication of the paradigms of Chinese medicine whichminimizes the cultural overtones so as to help effect its cross-culturaltransmission; and it provides a delightful sampling of recipes which rangefrom soups to desserts and all in between, with easy-to-use formats and achecklist of applicable primary actions, influences, and contraindications.Throughout the pages of this book, Leggett’s enthusiasm, awareness, andpracticality sparkle and reverberate to empower and inspire the reader."

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Author "Leggett, Daverick"
ISBN 0-9524640-2-0
Book Type Trade Paperback Book
Pages 339
Release Date 1999

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