Essentials of Chinese Diagnostics

Essentials of Chinese Diagnostics

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"This book is addressed essentially to Western general practitioners andmedical research workers who seek a stringent methodological approach toTCM. Porkert provides a bridge between two radically different modes ofthought, inductive synthesis and causal analysis. He presents the theory ofChinese diagnostics-yin/yang, 5 phases, the basic concepts of differentialdiagnosis and agents of disease, and the pathology of the orbs, conduits,and energy forms. The discussions of practice detail diagnosis by inspection,ausculation and olfaction, interrogation, and palpation (primarily pulsepalpation). Indexes include a general index, and index of symptoms, latinterms, and transcribed Chinese terms and names."

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Author "Porkert, Manfred"
ISBN 0-912379-00-6
Book Type Paperback
Pages 292
Release Date 1983

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