Art of Palpatory Diagnosis

Art of Palpatory Diagnosis

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"A unique, accessible and highly illustrated new guide to palpation inOriental Medicine.

This book provides a step-by-step introduction and practical guide topalpation as a method of assessment, diagnosis and treatment withinthe context of Oriental medicine, and in particular Japanese acupuncturepractice. Leading the reader through the how and what of touch,around the abdomen (or hara) and other key areas of the body, theauthor also explores key acupuncture points for clearing these areas,as well as Japanese needle techniques. The aim of the book is to allowthe reader to have a more vivid and sensitive feel for what lies belowacupuncture meridians and points, and to be able to assess and treata very wide variety of clinical conditions ? with an understanding ofthe individual patient - successfully.


Powerfully illustrated with line drawings and photographs to givethe reader as vivid and accurate a sense as possible of what it beingseen and felt.

Palpation is the heart of Japanese acupuncture diagnosis andtreatment. With a clear understanding of principles and techniques,all acupuncturists will be able to add another dimension to theirpractice, over a very wide range of conditions.

An emphasis is placed on the integration of Chinese and Japanesemedical thought, helping the reader to see them as interrelated,classically based systems.

The chapters take a building blocks approach whereby conceptsare explored gradually and new terms introduced and reiterated at the endof every chapter. A question section is included at the end of everychapter.

Cases from the authors 15 years of clinical experience areintegrated whenever the concepts covered need further elaboration,helping the reader to study patient progress and get a sense of howto use the material.

Forms outlining procedures, diagnoses and possible treatmentstrategies supplement the theoretical material in each chapter sothat the practitioner is assisted in organising and performing palpatoryexaminations."

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Author "Gardner-Abbate, Skya"
ISBN 0-443-07058-X
Book Type Trade Paperback Book
Pages 364
Release Date 2001

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