The Healing Power of the Mind

The Healing Power of the Mind

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"A former physician at the Mayo clinic, Rolf Alexander became acutely aware of the limits of modern medicine and travelled around the world in search of ancient, universal healing techniques. Based on more than thirty years of research and observation of many cultures, especially the Tibetan and Indian - his book provides bothe spiritual and practical insight and advice concerning the true nature of the healing process.

Long before Bernard Siegel's book Love, Medicine and Miracles brought the body/mind connection into the mainstream, Dr. Alexander had explored its capacity to activate the vital life force residing within each of us. The Healing Power of the Mind shows you how imagination, desire, the power of suggestion, psychic influence, and the removal of limitations are valuable tools for maximizing our innate capacity for self-healing.

Enormously relevant to the ills that beset today's society, The healing Power of the Mind is a classic whose authenticity has been validated by the thousands of patients who have found their way to bette health through the simple exercises and healing practices it recommends.

The late Dr. Rolf Alexander studied in Vienna, Heidelberg, and London and was a physician at Mayo Clinic for many years."

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Author "Alexander, Rolf"
ISBN 0-89281-729-1
Book Type Trade Paperback Book
Pages 122
Release Date 1989

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