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I Ching Handbook

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"This is the best compendium of study aids and state-of-the-art informationnow available on the ancient Book of Changes. It contains knowledge thatallows the reader to achieve a deeper level of understanding of the I Chingand provides the reader with a formal presentation of the subject that is notfound elsewhere.

Students and scholars of the I Ching will welcome the numerous referencesgiven in the footnotes and appendices. The book is well researched and thereare two annotated bibliographies: one of books on the I Ching (includingunpublished Ph.D. dissertations), the other of journal articles. There is also aglossary of technical terms and a very useful concordex to theWilhelm/Baynes translation of the I Ching.

The subjects covered include the traditional and scholarly theories regardingthe origin of the I Ching, the trigrams and their attributes, the translations ofthe names of the hexagrams, nuclear hexagrams and their classification, theproblem of the textual sequence of the hexagrams, various ways of using theI Ching as an oracle, probability and the hexagrams, hexagram stories,hexagram cycles, and hexagram flowers.

The appendices give an annotated list of the I Ching devices including the IChing computer, I Ching cards, and also contain the source code for an IChing line analyzer and a number of tables. One table gives the yarrow stalkprobability of obtaining any hexagram from any other hexagram, another listspairs of hexagram oposites, hexagram stories, cycles, and flowers."

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Author "Hacker, Edward"
ISBN 0-912111-36-4
Book Type Hardcover Book
Pages 430
Release Date 1993

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