Handbook of Drug-Herbal and Drug-Supplement Interactions

Handbook of Drug-Herbal and Drug-Supplement Interactions

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"This handy pocket sized guide is analphabetical reference of the interactionsbetween herbal medicines and prescriptionsdrugs. Entries consist of the herbs andpharmaceutical drugs where there has been proven to be an interaction, andthey are coded from 1 to 4 (1 is a signifigant proven interaction, 4 is areported interaction which has been shown to be insignificant). Drug andherbal entries include aspirin, calcium, cyclosporine, oral contraceptives,thyroid hormones, warfarin, ACE inhibitors, kava, coenzyme Q10, echinacea,St. John's Wort, ginseng, folate, licorice, and zinc. The text concludes with acomplete list of references and an extensive index."

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Author "Harkness, Richard/Bratman, S"
Book Type Hardcover book
Pages 478
Release Date 2003

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